Music Of "Herds" Part One.


Berkeley Community Media

Got a few pics from the recording from "Berkeley Laughs" 

Thank you to the staff at Berkeley Community Media and John Healy for having me play some guitar for the show. 


I'm Back With A New Video.

On Reverbnation.

Toy Guitar Song

Reverbnation Game.

 It was fun for the first 3 times but if you want to network with anyone on the site you are better off going to the top of the charts and interacting that way. 


Well, I have a show on the 29th and I mad a video for that 

Could Of Reverbnation Saved The Day?

Reverbnation might of just got you and maybe the general public to check out indie bands. They turned it into a game called Tastemaker. You listen to a song of an unknown band for 10 second and then grade them. This game tells you 2 things, why indie is indie and indie  is just indie and second what is your ear like. 


The game plays you band through out the world and that's cool because I can go from a band in Greece than to the US. So go on  your RN page and click on the Tastemaker button on the lower left corner of the page. Enjoy.

New Video

New Video For Cure

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