A Glimpse Into The Future

I am happy to show you the intro to the new album that is getting ready for production. 




Suwannee August 06, 2013 @11:23 pm

Thanks Brent! I think it's highly vlubalae stuff. I almost forgot, discmakers.com is great for cd duplication! They do even do artwork and can put your cd on cd baby, amazon, iTunes, and more. Great website!

Wong August 04, 2013 @11:23 pm

The autoresponder will thelsemves give you a code that you have to paste in your HTML code. And there will be a box for Name and E-mail and it will be linked to their side. Look for this code somewhere in Add Leads or similar section. Maybe it's there in help. If you can't find it anywhere, e-mail their support staff and they will be happy to help you.

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