Blake Jones And The Trike Shop

"We saw him playing in a Laundromat in Oakland." That was how I was introduced to a large crowd in Fresno,CA. I was opening up for Blake Jones And The Trike Shop in the Full Circle Brewery (they make some killer rootbeer) at a Food Not Bombs charity show.

All you have to do is watch Blake Jones and the Trike Shop perform 20 seconds into a set and see they are not your avrage "Pop" band. Just watch this video.


Seeing them live, you are at first going to be overwhelmed by the perfection of sound that comes at you. The 2nd thing you notice is no weak links among the players. Of all the years of seeing pop bands live, Blakes Jones and the Trike Shop has to be my top 10 most memorable acts. 

They seem to do be doing well in central CA but do come up to the Bay Area from time to time. If you don't want to put on your pants they would love to see you on the net:


blake February 05, 2013 @04:11 pm

or, if you don't wanna put on your pants, we'll be in S.F. on Wed.April 17th at 50 Mason Hall--and it's a FREE show!---and hopefully we'll be playing with Mike and friends somewhere in the East Bay soon, cuz we really wanna.

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