Live Performance From 4-2

Last night I played at the Hight Street Station open mic hosted by my friend and killer guitar player Larrie Noble. 


Uzoecji August 05, 2013 @04:45 am

right now, I'm using bandcamp and CDbaby It is crazy to firgue out what's the best deal, what's the most user-friendly I have to firgue more of it out for instance, I know you can do a lot of embedding with bandcamp (I saw this on the farewell milwaukee site), but I don't know how to do it yet. The pros of bandcamp:- the buyer can decide which format they want the album in (mp3 or AAC or apple lossless, for instance)- you can be really flexible with price, or offer certain tracks for free if the person puts their email address in for the mailing list.- you can also use bandcamp to take physical CD orders, and they provide an automatic digital download with the order if you want that- They tether the album artwork to the track, so when the person downloads it into iTunes, the artwork is already there.- They take all credit cards, and paypal I believeThe cons:- You can only sell music you release independently I can't list my Daemon Releases, as far as I can tell, even though I have physical copies to sell.- I want a place on the page where I can say here is where you can get the rest of Rose's CDs, or here are other places where they are available I can't wait to check out your lady ukulele site!

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