The Next Step

It took a while but I'm pleased with how things are turning

out with the new song's. I wrote two versions of each song.

One version with a band and the other "singer songwriter"


 The singer songwriter version takes longer to practice

becouse it involves a lot of finger picking and walking bass

lines. People seem to dig it. Soon it will be time to start

viewing my recording options. I know I want to do the guitar

and vocals at home however I'm torn on how to present the


 I think of the albums that influenced me like, And Justice

For All, A Downward Spiral and House Of The Holy just to name

a few and I always loved how the drums sounded. I'm going to

be very picky about that.

I'm just happy that I have one more thing in place so I can

go to the next step and that's fundraising.




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