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I am working on a lot at this time. I'm getting closer to the finishline with the rewrites to the new songs and I am pleased with the response from the crowd with some of the tunes. I'm planning a fast trip to OR next month and unfortunately I'm not hitting the road as much as I want. Next month I will be performing at the Festival Of The Suds 2.



Smriti August 04, 2013 @10:44 pm

How do they rate the sites?I'm sure Myspace still gets a lot of traffic but i'm thniking that it's all people using it to spam one another and not legitimately in use. Considering what a pain in the ass it is for pages to load etc. . I have a hard time believing an average person could be bothered. Which is why i think a lot of people went to the FB.In regards to RN & BC, i don't think that it can be used the same as Myspace and therefore can't really be judged the same. Both of them are more or less a place to put music and info and then direct people to it, whereas Myspace had more of a community approach, with people collecting, networking etc. You don't really log onto Bandcamp and hope to stumble across bands you might like. You go there to check out bands you already know via links you find. Not to virtually hang out. the thing with myspace is that it was a place for people to pretend like they had friends and send messages and post goofy shit like FB today. Neither BC or RN are really for that, they're more or less music driven. Sort of the same with most marketing campaign's you gotta get the attention of people that really don't give a shit about music and make them think that they do.Soundcloud is a good tool but for some reason i don't like using it, i think it's more the feel of the site or possibly the look. I should mess with it more.

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